Technical breakout sessions will be offered throughout the week, including NetApp® breakout sessions, partner breakout sessions, customer-generated case study sessions and field case study sessions.

Session Tracks


The NetApp Data Fabric empowers customers to modernize their storage and data management, build next-generation data centers and harness the power of the hybrid cloud. These nine tracks include use cases for helping customers solve their IT challenges:

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Tracks / Use Cases Description Solutions / Focus Areas

Accelerate Workloads and Analytics

Increase performance and reliability of business applications and derive value from data faster • SAP solutions
• Analytics: NoSQL databases, Splunk, Hadoop
• Oracle database solutions
• MS Apps solutions
• Engineering and design applications HPC
• Vertical industry applications
Protect and Secure Data Provide business continuity and meet data-compliance requirements no matter where your data resides • Backup and recovery
• Disaster recovery
• Data security solutions
• Data privacy solutions
• Data compliance
Gain Data Center Efficiencies Optimize and consolidate your data center infrastructure to reduce cost and simplify operations • Storage consolidation
• Virtual server infrastructure
Simplify and Automate Increase levels of automation in the data center • OpenStack private cloud
• VMware private cloud
• End-user compute (VDI)
• Containers
Build Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Help service providers build an infrastructure foundation for delivering cloud services • IaaS
• PaaS
• SaaS
• DPaaS
Accelerate DevOps Accelerate application deployment and quickly give developers the resources they need by automating infrastructure provisioning, both on-premises and in the cloud • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
• Code repositories
• Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
• Configuration & resource management
Optimize Unstructured Data Efficiently manage large content repositories across on-premises, distributed sites and cloud • Rich content management
• Video surveillance
• Distributed content management
• IoT
Integrate Cloud Data Services Leverage the full value of your data by applying and protecting it among a choice of cloud resources • Cloud analytics
• SaaS backup
• Cloud tiering
• Cloud backup
• Cloud DR
Deliver Data Insights and Control Optimize how data is best applied, managed and protected across a choice of all resources • Infrastructure assessment and monitoring
• Data profiling and modeling
• Performance management and analytics
• Capacity analytics

Technology Topics

NetApp Insight 2017 sessions will focus on the following key themes and topics:

Technology Topics Descriptions
Big Data Analytics Big Data AnalyticsThe focus is on NetApp enterprise-class storage solutions for big data 3rd platform applications and workloads such as Hadoop, Spark, IoT and Splunk. We also cover how NetApp solutions solve complex challenges of data gravity and data protection for distributed big data workloads like Spark and Hadoop in hybrid cloud deployments with AWS EMR and Azure HDInsight using the NetApp Data Fabric and the NetApp NFS Connector.
Cloud Services Cloud ServicesThe cloud services track presents on both business-focused and technology-focused topics such as adapting to the rapid changes in the service provider industry, using NetApp next-generation data center solutions, how to deploy a service provider–like infrastructure in your enterprise, how to differentiate your hosting/cloud services in a competitive market, trends in the hosting business that you need to know, how to measure the success of your hosting business, and a technical perspective of leading market trends in happening across the cloud and hosting industry.
Converged Systems Converged SystemsThis track presents sessions for NetApp’s Converged Systems, including NetApp converged and hyperconverged solutions. FlexPod®, NetApp Hyperconverged and service provider converged offerings with application workloads and management solutions for enterprise, hybrid and service provider clouds are presented.
Database and Business Applications Database and Business ApplicationsLearn about NetApp products, solutions and integrations for databases and business applications, including Oracle, SAP HANA and NoSQL. The primary focus is on how these solutions leverage the NetApp flash portfolio as well as how they integrate into the NetApp Data Fabric to help increase business value for customers. Additional focus areas include database performance, best practices, data protection and application integrations, including NetApp SnapCenter® software.
Data Protection and Continuance Data Protection and ContinuanceLearn how to maintain data availability, disaster recovery and backup service levels with NetApp MetroCluster™, SnapMirror®, SnapLock® and SnapVault® technologies. This track also includes data-protection ecosystem partner solutions. Covered are NetApp SnapProtect® software and other partner solutions that include NDMP-based and cluster-aware backup integrated solutions that protect enterprise applications and infrastructure.
DevOps and Open Ecosystems

DevOps and Open EcosystemsIn the next-generation datacenter, the line between development and operations begins to blur as organizations need to respond to the market at scale with greater agility, while reducing cost. To this end, everything becomes a target for automation through APIs, treating infrastructure as code while adopting open source practices. NetApp integrates with the tools our customers already use, reducing friction for development and simplifying deployment for operations to support popular use cases like continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), NFV, IaaS, PaaS or web-scale SaaS cloud.

In this track, you will learn about how NetApp has integrated its portfolio with popular configuration management tools, OpenStack, container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, DevOps tooling and various API frameworks.

Flash FlashThis track covers the NetApp flash strategy and vision, and the role of flash in the NetApp Data Fabric.
Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid CloudTo increase business agility, accelerate time to market, and reduce costs, IT organizations are increasingly using public hyperscaler cloud services along with assets that they own.

In the hybrid cloud track, we explore how customers are using NetApp technology and services to seamlessly manage their data regardless of where it lives. Of particular interest is the use of clouds for backup, archiving, disaster recovery, dev/test, analytics and running production applications. Primary products/solutions covered are NetApp Private Storage, AltaVault™, ONTAP® Cloud and Cloud Sync.

Manageability ManageabilityServices, System Manager and NetApp Service Level Manager. This track also covers global infrastructure management for multivendor and hybrid cloud IT architectures by using OnCommand Insight. Key solution areas include service level–based management, a single interface for operational monitoring and performance management, and a single REST endpoint for partner integrations for end-to-end ecosystem enablement.
Microsoft Solutions Microsoft SolutionsWith the datacenters and business-critical workloads supported by Microsoft technologies transforming from a purely on-premises to hybrid and public cloud infrastructures, learn how NetApp can help with this transformation and enable managing your data efficiently. Key solutions areas include SQL Server, Exchange, Office 365, SharePoint, System Center, Hyper-V, and Windows File Services and Microsoft Azure, which help lead your business into the cloud.
ONTAP ONTAPLearn about new features and innovations that are available in the latest releases of the NetApp ONTAP® storage operating system. Topics include efficiency, configuration, performance and protocols.
Portfolio and Business Solutions Portfolio and Business SolutionsThis track is a compilation and broader view of NetApp enterprise-class solutions. We’ll cover modernizing infrastructures and next-generation data centers to harnessing the power of hybrid cloud, underscoring the value of the NetApp Data Fabric. If you want to understand how to leverage the NetApp portfolio, these sessions will be appropriate for you.
(E-Series and EF-Series)
Platforms (E-Series and EF-Series)NetApp E-Series and EF-Series SANtricity® based hybrid and all-flash storage systems are purpose-built for SAN or direct attached storage (DAS) to support the most demanding workloads. These systems are an optimal platform for big data analytics, data protection, physical and cyber security/video systems, and technical computing.
Platforms (FAS/AFF)Get in-depth coverage of the next-generation NetApp FAS and All Flash FAS controllers and converged back-end storage, including the latest about hardware-related features such as advanced drive partitioning and triple-parity RAID.
(StorageGRID Webscale)
Platforms (StorageGRID Webscale)This track covers how to optimize data management at scale for unstructured rich content such as video, images, audio, documents and machine-generated data. Courses include deep dives into the key verticals, use cases, architecture and delivery options (including software-defined, and NetApp engineered appliances), partner-integrated solutions, and differentiated capabilities of this scale-out, API centric, policy driven, on-premises cloud object storage solution. Welcome to your next-generation datacenter.
SAN SANLearn how to use SAN protocols to deliver high-availability, predictable performance and ease of use for block-based workloads.
Security SecurityNetApp offers an extensive set of security features, both natively and in partnership with third parties as part of the Data Fabric enabled by NetApp. NetApp products become part of your security solution, whether it’s part of a public, private or hybrid cloud offering or in a traditional enterprise deployment.
Service Design

Service DesignThe Cloud Service Design track enables the customer journey to a cloud service provider and broker, with predictable performance, cost, and agility in private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Begins a strategic transformation from the traditional asset operations IT model to a cloud service provider model, where the focus is on the service outcomes consumed. Includes executive-level consultative methodology to accelerate transformation.

Service Provider Service ProviderThe service provider track presents on both business-focused and technology-focused topics such as adapting to the rapid changes in the service provider industry, using NetApp next-generation data center solutions, how to deploy a service provider–like infrastructure in your enterprise, how to differentiate your hosting/cloud services in a competitive market, trends in the hosting business that you need to know, how to measure the success of your hosting business, and a technical perspective of leading market trends in happening across the cloud and hosting industry.
Tools and Implementation Tools and ImplementationThis track is for NetApp, partner and customer IT professionals who deploy NetApp solutions. It focuses on in-depth sessions on the technical and operational aspects of Converged/Hyper-converged Infrastructure and shall include topics such as Data Fabric implementations and an overview of platform configurations, such as SolidFire. The track will also cover approaches to data migration, performance analysis and best practices.
Virtualization VirtualizationThis track showcases virtualization solutions and how NetApp enables them. We focus heavily on VMware integration, including areas such as simplifying management, data protection and automation. In addition, this track highlights the associated tools and positioning across the NetApp portfolio for these environments.

Case Studies

Technical and field case study sessions ensure you get the most from your NetApp Insight experience. Presented by customers alongside NetApp field employees and partners, case studies dive into the design and deployment of NetApp products and services in storage and data management infrastructures in various industries.

Informal Sessions

We also offer intimate, relaxed opportunities for you to discuss technical topics, learn and network, including:

  • Inform and Delight features casual, 20-minute sessions with sponsors and NetApp personalities leading whiteboard conversations with small audiences.
  • Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions feature informal discussions around topics of interest to a specific audience.